Escola Parque was founded in Gávea, in Rio de Janeiro, in 1970, in a turbulent period of the history of the country and the world. Universally challenged values and behavior at the time forced schools to change so that they could help develop a citizen prepared to deal with this new world.

Escola Parque, which participated in that historical moment, uses the work of major education theorists, including the Brazilian educator Anísio Teixeira, to support its educational proposal. The school relies on permanent reflection, with studies on classical educational theories and contemporary learning theories, while considering the future needs of the society in which the new generations will live. It was in light of this concern that the school decided to adopt constructivism as its basis.

Preparing students for life in an ever-changing world was the motto that guided the pedagogical work of four decades of existence, always based on constructivism. Escola Parque relies on constant reflection, following studies on learning and encouraging students to prepare for a rapidly-changing world, focusing on activities related to culture and sustainability.

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