In 1980, Escola da Vila began its pedagogical project designed to educate children aged between 2 and 6 and train teachers at its Training Center. Its founders, all of whom are teachers, shared the desire to work at the forefront of thinking about school education in the country.

Over the years, it has expanded to offer High School education and built a pedagogical project supported by a solid conceptual base through a methodology and a curriculum open to adapting to sociocultural change.

Shared by all educators who hold pedagogical positions and the professionals that provide support in order to ensure the quality of the educational activities, Escola da Vila’s path is marked by an institutional environment in which reflection on and recording and assessment of what takes place in the classroom is combined with the continuous development of democratic relationships based on dialogue, solidarity and respect.

This history would certainly be different if Escola da Vila had not begun its journey associated with a Training Center, which organizes all internal and external training activities (courses and seminars open to professionals from other institutions). These events enable, respectively, continuous evaluation and dissemination of the work developed at the school and the permanent sharing of our training sources.

The activities of the Training Center have extended beyond the limits of São Paulo city – Escola da Vila has become an important national reference center.

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