Escola Balão Vermelho was created in 1972, a time when Belo Horizonte was growing and becoming more modern, in the shadow of the military dictatorship. At that time, more than ever, parents and educators discussed and sought better solutions for education. More than teaching content, it was essential to form citizens that were able to think and relate to others in a democratic manner.

Therefore, since its inception, Balão Vermelho has always adopted a methodology and a curriculum open to the sociocultural transformations of contemporary society, always in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education.

Reflection on the practice in the light of issues related to the teaching and learning process is permanent, supported by solid theoretical and conceptual bases and long practical experience. Balão Vermelho sees relationships within the school from a collective point of view, always based on reflection in order to guide students to learn much more than pre-defined content. The school believes it is responsible, together with the parents, for contributing to imbuing students with a spirit of citizenship and autonomy, providing them with the tools for reflection, appreciation of diversity and respect.

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